REUSE presentations and material

If you'd like to give a presentation of the FSFE's REUSE project, this is a perfect start! Please note that the FSFE does have some funding available for covering talks related to REUSE, so if you're interested in attending an event to talk about REUSE, please let Jonas know and talk to him about it. :)


  • 16 September: Software Freedom Day 2017 in Köln (fk) - mention as part of talk "Lizenzprobleme im (Free)BSD-Umfeld"
  • 8 November 2017: Open Source Strategy Forum (jonas) - side event
  • 16-17 November 2017: Open Compliance Summit (polina) - approved
  • 3-4 February 2018: FOSDEM 2018
  • 6-8 March 2018: Open Source Leadership Summit (jonas)
  • 8-11 March 2018: SCaLE 16X (jonas)
  • April 2018: FSFE Legal & Licensing Workshop

  • 29 July 2018 to 5 August 2018: Debconf 2018
  • August 2018: OggCamp

  • August 2018: FrOSCon


Template abstracts

Community Licensing Norms and Compliance

Successful free and open source projects have learned to integrate well with the community in which they thrive. One of the factors which can help make or break a project is its adherence to community norms on licensing and license compliance. Starting with those community norms, this talk will look at what's needed from a successful free and open source project, what assistance there is to be had, and how the life of the individual developer, both those employed and those part of the nonprofit community around a project, can be made easier through increased automation of the different aspects of the software supply chain.

Developer best practices for licensing expression in Free and Open Source Software projects

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has published the guide to machine readable expressions for copyright and licensing information. The guide entails best practices that are meant to demonstrate how to add copyright and license information to a project in ways which allow for more automation. Polina Malaja will explain which few simple steps to take to make the copyright and licence of the project more easily understood both by humans and machines, and why these are important for FOSS compliance.


With the REUSE principles come a set of basic tools to "lint check" a source repository to validate if it's REUSE compliant, and tools to automatically generate an SPDX compatible bill-of-materials.

In this talk, Jonas Öberg will give an introduction to the REUSE principles and outline some of the work in progress as the initiative moves from licenses to copyright, and lays the foundation for other tools seeking to automate the compliance process.

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