REUSE Brochure

This is the text for a brochure for the REUSE project. The second level headings will be the sections of the brochure, possibly made in a tri-fold style


Making copyrights and licenses computer readable.

What is REUSE?

We’re working to make managing copyrights and licenses in free and open source software easier. These following best practices demonstrate how to add copyright and license information to a project in ways which allow for more automation. We know you want to focus on coding, but here are a few simple steps to take to make the copyright and license of your project more easily understood, by computers, as well as humans. If you need help getting started, you can find links to Git repositories on our website, already setup to be REUSE compliant.


Provide the exact text of each license used, in verbatim form, without removing any existing license texts. Keep filenames of the licenses consistent, so you can refer to them from source code files.


Include a copyright notice and license in each file, with a consistent style, with a reference to the license text and an appropriate SPDX License Identifier. You can consider using version control systems to manage this, but you must careful when you do so. Include license and copyright information also for files which can not include a proper header.


Provide an inventory for included software, but only if you can generate it automatically, and if you do, make it compliant to the SPDX specification. It doesn’t hurt to run your project through ScanCode or FOSSology, to make sure these tools can parse and understand your project’s licensing.

Where to read more

Visit to read about these best practices in depth, including practical information and hints for how to make computer readable licensing and copyrights simplify your work.


The REUSE initiative is run by FSFE, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Free and Open Source software as the foundations of a modern society. The FSFE's work is the result of the combined efforts of a community of people committed to this goal. If you would like to support our work, read more on our web pages at or join directly at

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