Proprietary Web Services

A collection of points / links against the multitude of commonly used proprietary web services. Should be accompanied by a short text for each one to send out or used in arguments. We should also offer alternatives, ideally one best alternative to not confuse. Could be merged into Convince Your Friends.

(For free web services, check CloudComputing and Libre Projects. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has more info on telecommunication safety.)



  • Search Seeks uses Google & Bing indexes but prevents them from tracking you, YaCy is a decentralized web of peers

  • Docs EtherPad makes it much easier to collaborate and has a lighter interface

  • Maps OpenStreetMap can be edited wiki-like

  • Reader NewsBlur, read the original page


  • prompts you to put in your email address & password, harvests your contacts

  • uses your face for advertising


Diaspora, other pods at & Geraspora

  • distributed
  • not primarily a replacement for Facebook but to consolidate services

  • can be connected to Facebook & Twitter for crossposting



  • is distributed and can be connected to Twitter for crossposting



Further Readings, similar lists