Procedure Newsletter

  • During the month Matthias Kirschner adds interesting news items and reports to his newsletter list. He concentrates on the internal reports, our events and news on the website, blog entries on, the English speaking public discussion list and e-mails he directly receives as newsletter input. So please make sure to send something to one of these places so he knows about it and can include it in the current or the next newsletter.

  • While adding that stuff to the list he already tries to build two or three main themes, where the news fit in.
  • 3 days before the 1st of the month Matthias has to send the finished newsletter to for English proofreading.

  • On the 1st he sends it to fellowship@ so Reinhard can send it to all Fellows and to translators@ for translation.

  • On the 4th the newsletter is send out to the public