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Please be careful with your language. In the former pages we often talk about "Fellowship groups" - we will not use that anymore but talk about local FSFE groups instead.

Community Guidelines for local FSFE meetings

What is a local FSFE group?

A local FSFE group are a bunch of people of a certain area, that meet in real life and publicly. These local meetings often consist of FSFE Fellows as well as non-Fellows.

We respect that cultures and backgrounds are different - so are the various local FSFE groups. While some prefer to have a good chat about latest Free Software developments over a comfortable beer, others prefer to run a booth to boost public awareness, take part in a campaign or give people a chance to speak or hear a talk during their meetings. Whatever your group does, most important is that it is an activity that you - the participants - like to do. There is no formal process of applying or approval of your local activitiy by the FSFE.

However, there is one simple rule: A local FSFE meeting offers a place where you can get to know the people in your area that feel strong about software freedom and interconnect with each other in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. no racism, no chauvinism, no homphobia or any other kind of mistreating behaviour. If you have an unpleasant experience, please contact [|our community team}

How do I know about local meetings?

Most of local FSFE groups use various channels to announce their meetings. You can find announcements on FSFE's events page, on FSFE local mailing lists and on various local channels. You can find a list of groups including contact details on our local team page

Also, when you sign up as a FSFE Fellow, you will be asked if you like to get in contact with a local group. If you do so, our community staff will get in contact with you and connect you with your local group - if there is one.

Are local FSFE metings only for Fellows?

No. Local FSFE meetings shall be public meetings and open for everyone interested in Free Software and the work of FSFE. In fact, it often is much more interesting to gather people from different groups and to profit from synergy-effects.

Is there already a local FSFE group in my area or can I start one?

A list of existing and former groups can be found in this Wiki as well as on our local team page. If there is no existing group in your area, maybe you would like to start one? Please take a look at Starting a Fellowship Group for help and information about best practice of how to start a local FSFE group. Feel also free to contact our community team to get help and information.

How to name a local FSFE group ?

In general, you are free to decide how to name your own group. There is no system for all local groups. Most groups call themself "Local FSFE group $Cityname", "FSFE group $Cityname" or simple "FSFE $Cityname".

What is the role of a local coordinator ?

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How to find or define a local coordinator ?

We have the best experience by letting local groups decide on their own about their mode of operation regarding chosing and appointing coordinators. There is no official process for it. If a group wishes, for example, to held formal anonymous votes or online polls that's just as fine as if they "vote by consens" (as is probably most common in local groups at this point). However, we advise you that a group coordinator should get some kind of approval by the group around once a year - to see if the group is satisfied with the current coordinator and/or if anyone else would like to take on the position instead. Approval should be done by some kind of a vote or a consent decisions of the group members.

If there ever is a problem with the group not being able to chose a mode and/or coordinator peacefully because of any problems within the group itself, you can find moderation and help by the Community coordinator [lc1], and the Community team [lc2].

[lc1]: Erik, [lc2]:

How can I announce our meeting ?

Where can we get promotion material?

What are other FSFE groups doing ?

We like to set up a booth

We like to participate / fork / run a campaign

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