Booth design

How to design a booth

This page shall help you to set-up and design your personal FSFE booth. Because although that each booth is different, we try to represent a corporate identity. Also, we like to share good and bad practices to learn from each other.

Below you find various pictures of booths from the FSFE. They have different characteristics and each has its pros and cons. What is best depends on the audience and the event itself. You may want to follow a similar style as other booths at the event, but you also want to be different enough that people notice!

Make a good first impression

There is no second chance for the first impression, so pay attention to your appearance

Little helpers


Freiheit Statt Angst


A booth at a street festival.



A booth can be put up very simple with a single table only. The tinyer the booth, the more it sells out to use your environment to put up posters and balloons to get more attention for your booth.

FSFE Summit

The booth at our FSFE summit. Worth to mention here is that every item that is sold has a price-tag attached. This is very helpful in many aspects: People can see that an item is sold and not for free, it saves time for everyone by avoiding 100 times a day the question "how much is this" and more introvert people can see the price and decide without having to ask.


A very good arranged booth. Especially worth to notice the armory at the left side of the booth, that makes browsing clothes pretty simple.


34C3 Note the bar table on the right side, that makes it easy for people to dig into a deep talk while other people can still browse the material at the booth.

Makerfair An example of a booth that also uses a screen to show the Free Your Android campaign.

RMLL / LSM Although it looks very welcoming, this might be a little overloaded with people behind a booth : )

Reports from successful booths