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How to design a booth


This is the overview of a good booth from the FSFE. Please pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • there should be at least two people standing at the booth the whole time. Even if there is no one in the moment to talk with - one person should keep standing. This makes it more attractable to other people to come and feel welcome to have a talk.
  • In the front you should have some tables on which you present the different material from the FSFE. Please make sure, that the material is presented properly. For more details, see below
  • Behind your back you should present our posters from different campaigns. These are eyecatchers and will help you to attract people to come to the booth and ask questions. You should also have some posters with you to spread them if someone asks - see more details below.
  • In the right corner you see our roll-up. Having such a roll-up is very helpful in organising a booth, because it is an eyecatcher and it tells everyone which organisation is organising this booth - without having to ask

List of blog items with pictures from booths

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