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= How to design a booth = = Booth design =
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= How to design a booth =

Booth design

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How to design a booth

These are two examples of booths from the FSFE. They have different characteristics and each has its pros and cons. What is best depends on the audience and the event itself. You may want to follow a similar style as other booths at the event, but you also want to be different enough that people notice!

Please pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • There should ideally be two people at the booth the whole time. You can be behind or in front of the booth. Being in front of the booth is sometimes more welcoming, but you then need to be clearly identifiable as a booth staff by having a suitable t-shirt or similar. Sometimes one person behind the booth and one in front of is a good setup.
  • Do not sit at the booth! (this produces a lazy impression) Keep standing all the time. If you want to take a rest go elsewhere.
  • Keep your hands off private laptops, mobile phones, etc. These things should never be around at the booth. If you want to check your mails go elsewhere.
  • Please make sure, that the material you have is presented properly. For more details, see below
  • Behind you, you should present some posters from different campaigns. These are eyecatchers and will help you attract people to come to the booth and ask questions.
  • In the right corner you see our roll-up. Having such a roll-up is very helpful in organising a booth, because it is an eyecatcher and it tells everyone which organisation is organising this booth - without having to ask.

Practical tips for outdoor booths

  • Use binder clips to keep stacks of flyers from flying away (pun intended)

List of blog items with pictures from booths

Indoor booths

Outdoor booths

More pictures from booths

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