Promoting FSFE at any event

Anyone can help raise awareness of FSFE's Free Software work. You don't need FSFE's permission. This page hopefully gives you all the information you need to promote FSFE at an existing conference, speech, or event.

FSFE leaflets

Maybe the easiest way to support FSFE's work is to distribute leaflets at events. Our leaflet PDFs are all online.

You can print and distribute them, or if the timing and costs are ok, you can order a batch from FSFE. (via <office AT fsfeurope DOT org>)

All are available in at least three languages. If you'd like to help FSFE's translation efforts, see our translators page.

Source for some of our leaflets, to allow customisation, is available on our Advocacy/Leaflets wiki page.

Organise a booth

At the most basic, this can be a table with leaflets and a person standing there to answer questions. *Standing* is important. People walking past are much less likely to talk to a person who is sitting. To make this more natural, FSFE usually organises booths using a makeshift bar instead of a table. If you can do this, great.

If there's electricity, Internet access, and you have a computer, you could ask people to sign up to the Fellowship They can do the registration part immediately and they can do the payment by bank afterwards (or they can use paypal).

It's also important to encourage people to join the FSFE mailing lists. This is how we stay contacted and form a community.

For more information how to organize a booth, check the dedicated wiki page.

Take the stage

If you are organising an event and have the opportunity to introduce the speaker or make other announcements, a simple mention is very helpful:

Or if you're making a presentation, you could mention or as sources of info or ways to support Free Software.

Organise a Fellowship meeting

If you are a Fellow of FSFE, you could ask FSFE to announce to the other Fellows in that area that there will be a meeting at a certain time and place. If the event is free entry, and if it's a Free Software event, then the meeting could be during or after the event. If the event charges a fee, or if the event promotes non-free software or positions which FSFE disagrees with, then we would not email Fellows telling them to go there. However, you could still have a Fellowship meeting outside the event afterwards, in a bar or cafe nearby.

Invite FSFE

The general <office AT fsfeurope DOT org> address can be used, but it is usually best to contact a person within FSFE directly. We don't pay someone to manage external requests, and we sometimes miss emails.

Whether or not someone from FSFE can come to an event will depend on whether travel expenses can be paid, and whether travelling on that date is compatible with the person's work availability and also on their personal life if travel will happen outside their working hours.

Asking for help

For general questions, usually the best place to ask is one of our public mailing lists. Most often, the discussion list is suitable.

The FSFE office address <office AT fsfeurope DOT org> can also be used, but it's easier for us if general questions are sent to the public lists where many volunteers may be able to reply.

Selling FSFE merchandise

As with any financial activity, this has to be limited to people with whom FSFE already has a relationship of financial trust. You can get details by emailing <office AT fsfeurope DOT org>.

However, selling merchandise is not the most important task. For raising awareness, it's more important to distribute leaflets and talk with people. To broaden the financial support for FSFE, it's most useful to encourage people to donate and join the Fellowship.

About shipping

Shipping costs become very expensive when it must be done quickly, so contacting FSFE three weeks in advance is recommended.

FSFE posters

We are currently working on promotional and informational posters which could be displayed at related events.

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