Volunteer account creation

As a volunteer to the FSFE, you'll most likely be in need of an account: having an account on our systems is the key to editing this wiki, getting write access to our svn repositories, and so on. If you're a Fellow of the FSFE, you already have an account and this will work in exactly the same way as if you had a volunteer account. If joining the FSFE as a Fellow is not an option for you, but you still want to volunteer, you should follow the process outlined below to register and activate your account. If you have been a Fellow in the past, your previous account can be reactivated. You then don't need to register for a new account but can proceed immediately to step 4.

Requesting a volunteer account - volunteer viewpoint

  1. Read our web pages about contributing to the FSFE and determine how and where you want to contribute. You can always get in touch with our volunteer coordinators by emailing if you're wondering where you can support us.

  2. Once you've gotten in touch with one of our coordinators, they will ask you to register for an account to get access to the services. They may also ask that you subscribe to one or more mailing lists where the team communicates.
  3. Register for an account. Fill in the registration form and submit. You will receive an automatically generated password which you should keep!

  4. Let the coordinator you're talking to know that you've registered, and which e-mail address you used.
  5. When your account is activated, you'll get information about that, and you can then login to set a username and make any other changes.
  6. When you've set a username, you can log into the wiki, or any other services, using the username you selected, and the password generated when you registered.

Requesting a volunteer account - coordinator viewpoint

  1. Point the volunteer to this page, so that she or he knows about the procedure and can fill out the registration form

  2. Meanwhile, send an email to <contact AT fsfe SPAMFREE .org> and let us know that you are backing the account request.
    Don't forget to mention the email address of the volunteer!


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