Who can attend an FSFE / Fellowship meeting?

What to do during an FSFE / Fellowship meeting?



To FSFE's network

/!\ This should be send out at latest than 10 days before the event as it will also take a while until we can send it out.

To your local network

/!\ Personal contacts are important! Check who in your network could be interested by Free Software, and make your event attractive to those people! If you are part of other organisations, promote your event on their usual channels, highlighting their link with Free Software

Design your announcement notice

Tips for your activities

Of course you are free to just meet, drink beer and other beverages, discuss about Free Software related issues. Here some tips gathered from experienced event organisers:

Activities ideas

(!) Issuing DFD awards is a lot of fun and rewarding. Every coordinator who participated in such an event described it as one of the most positive experiences with the Fellowship group. Which confirms that positive campaigning is a good thing to do.

(!) You can have a look at the recent archives of the discussion@ mailing list and the planet to see if there are any current topics that might be of interest

(!) Bug sprints are fun! pdfreaders,, maybe others... They don't take much time to prepare and are an easy way to get something accomplished as a group.

Know your group members

Inclusive groups

Here are a few tips to make your group meetings / mailing list attractive and welcoming to new people especially if they are not technical:

How to get more women involved

There is no magical solution.

Being excellent to each other and welcoming in general is clearly the first step.

{*} 2 cents from a female fellow on this: try to avoid women specific behaviours, even if it's to be especially nice. What makes a group inclusive is a global atmosphere.


Group coordination

/!\ Coordinators, if you don't have a backup coordinator yet, get one! Spread the load on more shoulders.

Other ideas

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