Community Emails

People from FSFE's community (donors and volunteers) have the possibility to opt-in for emails about FSFE's activities. It is possible to semi-automatically send emails to this group of people or a selection thereof, and every member of the FSFE community may, under some conditions, make use of this communication channel.

Internal Communication Policy

This policy determines conditions and rights of the FSFE bodies (staffers, GA members, local and topical teams) or members of the FSFE community to mass mail registered FSFE community members who have opted in to receive information about FSFE's activities.


For the purpose of this document:



Basic procedure

Prepare the email as a file with the ending .eml in the following format:

From: Jack Frost <>
Subject: Invitation to the FSFE community meeting in Antarctica

Dear {{}},

I'm pleased to invite you to the FSFE community meeting which will take
place at the South Pole on 24 December, 19:00 UTC. Please bring your own
warm drinks.

Best regards,

The following should be noticed:

After you've had your email approved according to the Internal Communication Policy, send it to along with the selection criteria. The selection can be based on:

Italic items are reserved for use for FSFE's core team in special cases.


It is possible to prepare the email in multiple variants, where the best variant will automatically be selected for each recipient, based on preferred language, country, and gender. The variants must be stored in different files with endings describing the scope of the variant.

If you want to create a variant for a specific language, add a hyphen and the 2-letter ISO 639 language code before the .eml ending.

If you want to create a variant for a specific country, add a hyphen and the 2-letter ISO 3166 country code before the .eml ending.

If you want to create a variant for a specific gender, add a hyphen and either “f” for “female” or “m” for “male” before the .eml ending.

The endings can be combined in the above order, and the priority is also in the above order. The file without variant ending always has to be provided as a fallback for “everybody else”.

For example, if you prepare the file “invitation.eml” with variants, for a female recipient in Sweden who has defined Swedish as her preferred language, the first file available from the following list will be sent:

  1. invitation-sv-SE-f.eml

  2. invitation-sv-SE.eml

  3. invitation-sv-f.eml

  4. invitation-sv.eml

  5. invitation-SE-f.eml

  6. invitation-SE.eml

  7. invitation-f.eml

  8. invitation.eml

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