This section contains HowTos and documentation about non-technical tasks. I.e. related to activities by interns and volunteers. Everything directly related to the FSFE computer services should go to TechDocs instead.

Please find all information of the Howto-section inside these three subsections:

  1. Public: These pages are dedicated to all kind of information we like to have available in public for everyone. For example link to booth howto, or how you can order promotion material, how you get an event on the front-page etc. ...

  2. FellowFAQ: These pages will list all kinds of question that pop up every week and are in interest of all Fellows, e.g. can you resend my smartcard? can I get business cards? how do I find local groups? ...

  3. Internal: This page will have a group-rule to be only accessible by the FSFE team and will list all kinds of internal howtos, e.g. how to order new promotion material

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