On Friday, September 26, the system hackers team discovered a misconfiguration in the wiki setup. The error, if discovered, would have enabled an unauthorised party to read protected pages and user configurations.

It was possible to read the encrypted password hashes of guest users. Registered Fellows, who log in using their Fellowship password were not affected by this. To all others we recommend changing their wiki password as a precaution.

Fellows ยป rja

Jensen Alex

Grantee & fellow as of 25 March 2014

Jensen is a secondary school student in the United States.

Research interests: Philosophy of logic, computer science (mesh networks, metaprogramming, and functional programming)

Other interests: Postmodernism in literature/film & existentialism

Email: <rja AT fsfe DOT org>


  • Key ID: 9DF25C60 (can be found on pgp.mit.edu or here)

    Fingerprint: 0FEB 77D5 267C E3B9 C769 6354 C8AD 0C89 9DF2 5C60