Fellows ยป paul


Paul is a contact person for the technical development of most FSFE websites and the administration of FSFEs server and service infrastructure.

Pauls current tasks

Paul has a lot on his mind. This is a list of activities, he is currently involved with. If you got anything more to do for him, please check where it may fit in.

The list is loosely ordered by priority.

Privacy Policy

see Privacy/PolicyDraft


  • PDFreaders Integration
  • Hugos CSS-Builds?
  • Redesign Page Menus (weekend sprint)... Breadcrumbs
  • Reintegrate Campaign websites (drminfo, etc.)
  • Fellowship-Wiki
  • Clean up process for local builds
  • Better separation of system and content

System Hackers

  • (./) Backup (Albert working on it)

  • (./) Talk about Plutonium

  • Define User Classes
  • Fellowship Services (Etherpad)
  • Bug Tracker / Track
  • Bitcoin
  • Provide GIT