Nuno Macedo de Castro

According to a piece of paper I got from college, I'm a trained film maker. Find me near Guimar√£es or Porto, Portugal. I'm open to cooperate in multiple tasks.


I'm currently trying. Or I'm trying to try. Although I have to admit that I haven't devoted much time to this.

I'm a member of the portuguese association for free software (ANSOL). I'm trying to be more active in this.

You shouldn't trust me. I can't get to the end of what I start. If you give me a task, make it simply shameful.

I mostly try to convince people to change to free software. Total conversions so far: 2


Check out my stuff at one day I'll post an address

By now, it should be quite clear that I'm a procrastinator/wannabe/pretentious bastard :D !


Email: <mail AT SPAMFREE nmcastro DOT net>

Jabber: <nunomcastro AT jabber DOT org>



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