David Ayers


An American citizen born in Berlin Germany living in Vienna Austria, offers ERP Solutions based on Free Software.

The port of the ERP System to GNU/Linux triggered his involvement with GNUstep in 2002. Currently he makes a living offering professional services around business solutions based on GNUstep, GNU Enterprise or ZOPE.

Since his initial involvement with the Austrian chapter of the FSFE in 2004, he has participated in its annual activities during the Austrian Free Software roadshow LinuxWochen and other activities of the Vienna Fellowship Group.

He joined an international coop in 2006, which implements larger projects surrounding Free Software and Free Content.

In 2008 he was voted into board of the Free Software special interest group of the Austrian chamber of commerce.


Encryption / Signature

6919 FBEE 53C2 F6EE 86CF  C8B1 D817 88C4 DD0C 0C82


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