On Friday, September 26, the system hackers team discovered a misconfiguration in the wiki setup. The error, if discovered, would have enabled an unauthorised party to read protected pages and user configurations.

It was possible to read the encrypted password hashes of guest users. Registered Fellows, who log in using their Fellowship password were not affected by this. To all others we recommend changing their wiki password as a precaution.

Fellows ยป alre

Alexander Retzlaff

Email: <alre AT SPAMFREE fsfe DOT org>


My GnuPG key ID =6F6B2F86

My GnuPG key fingerprint = F0AC 7F5F F988 8661 8197 4C30 A256 AB58 6F6B 2F86 -- alre 2009-11-06 18:39:53