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Business Code of Conduct for Android Software Developers

  • Every kind of software creates a market, even tools one may consider trivial can create a market, where other developers can exist. There is no reason to destroy markets, because a growing number of Software Vendors worldwide requires these business opportunities.
  • Free software should be severely limited in usability, functionality and alert the user to the limited nature of the software, for instance with advertisements (Adware).
  • Professional versions of Adware should always have an adequate price. Customers do not demand the lowest price, but the functionality that serves their purposes best.
  • A Software Vendor who is inclined to give a piece of software away for free, because he does not require the revenue, should still prefer to give the money to Doctors Without Borders (for instance). Every other decision should probably be seen as being ruthless.

  • Price-fixing agreements are to be avoided, but a Software Vendor should monitor the competition and try to avoid price fights. If a piece of software is significantly better than a competing product it should also have an adequately higher price. It the price is seen as too limiting the software can be offered in a "Personal Edition" and a "Professional Edition", with some features disabled in the "Personal Edition".
  • Android Apps should be implemented according to Google Play policies. Where higher coding standards can be claimed, Software Vendors should educate the customers about these coding standards. A Software Vendor offering code review to other Software Vendors should advertise that service, offer certification rules, certification logos and code signing certificates that are suitable for Google Play Android Apps.

  • Open Source components should always be used according to their license agreements. Software Vendors should restrict their own contributions to Open Source to a developer audience, for instance by prohibiting the binary form of a software to be used in free software. Open Source originated in an academic environment, where it does make sense, but can also be harmful to business.