Unofficial Fellowship Wiki

This wiki is not public; it is an internal test. The pages on this wiki do not constitute a statement by FSFE, so you don't need to obtain FSFE's permission before contributing or changing the articles. The goal of this wiki is to assist the Free Software community by providing learning materials and space for coordination. Please keep this in mind when contributing and when reviewing existing material. Happy wiki-ing!

News: from now on, all user pages will automatically be created in the /Fellows namespace. If you have already created your user page as wiki.fsfe.org/yourname, you should move it to wiki.fsfe.org/Fellows/yourname. The easier way to do it is to login and click on the yourname link on the first line of the screen.

Interesting starting points:

Fellowship groups and meetings


Fellowship Card


General information about FSFE's booth can be found in the Booth Volunteer FAQ (WIP).