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Welcome to the FSFE Wiki! This page will give you a quick overview of what you can find here and how to find it.

Free Software Advocacy

The Advocacy section contains information on how to promote Free Software in various situations. You can promote Free Software by handing out informational brochures or by organizing a booth. Have a look at this section to find out which other options there are.

Local Groups and Meetings

In the events section, you can find events that are scheduled and decide if you want to attend. There is also a list of local groups if you want to meet other friends of Free Software in your region.


You can find information about services we offer to Fellows.

Contribute to this wiki

You want to help improve this wiki, but you do not know yet how to do that (best)? Head over to the help section to find out how.

Something is broken

The wiki was recently migrated to a new software version and we are in the process of reordering all the pages in it. So there are still a few quirks and glitches we need to work out. We are hoping to be done around the beginning of May. Pages will still be moved around during this time, so links are not reliable yet. You can use the Wiki already! If you want to help, please joing the WikiCaretakers team.

Please direct questions, praise and complaint to web@fsfeurope.org

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