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== Fellowship Wiki up and running again ==
On Friday, September 26, 2014, the system hackers team discovered a
misconfiguration in the wiki setup. The error, if discovered, would have
enabled an unauthorised party to read protected pages and user

It was possible to read the encrypted password hashes of guest users.
Registered Fellows, who log in using their Fellowship password were not
affected by this. To all others we recommend changing their wiki
password as a precaution.

Fellowship Groups and Meetings

Beside getting in contact with other Fellows via mailing lists, IRC, and jabber we suggest to have Fellowship meetings.

Free Software Advocacy

Fellowship Services

Fellowship Booths

Contribute to this wiki

If you are a Fellow of the FSFE you can login right now with your usual Fellowship username and password; non-fellows can create a guest account. Please have a look at the UserGuide first!

The pages on this wiki do not constitute a statement by FSFE, so you do not need to obtain FSFE's permission before contributing or changing the articles; we only ask you to follow the wiki license guidelines. The goal of this wiki is to assist the Free Software community by providing learning materials and space for coordination. Please keep this in mind when contributing and when reviewing existing material. Happy wiki-ing!

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