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A discussion on Supporting non-IT organisations
Diskussion über die Unterstützung von Nicht-IT-Organisationen
17:00  Rhein/Main - Report from Wednesday, 04. September, 2019
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Linux Plumbers Conference
Linux Kernel Maintainer Summit
BalCCon 2019
18:00  FSFE LocalGroup Zurich
FSFE talk about IT security at BalCCon
19:00  Group Meeting Berlin
Open Source and GNU/Linux conference
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BalCCon 2019
FSFE talk about IT security at BalCCon
FSFE Booth and PMPC talk at 17th Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage
FSFE-kraam op Software Freedom Day bij de NLLGG-ontmoeting
FSFE with a booth at Software Freedom Day in Utrecht, The Netherlands
14:00  Software Freedom Day Berlin
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Informatik 2019
State of the Map
Digital Festival Zürich
Open Networking Summit
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Digital Festival Zürich
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Organising Events

As a local FSFE group, please feel welcome to organise local events in your area, and to publicly declare your group as the organiser of these events. FSFE's core team and staff are happy to support you in any way they can, so don't hesitate to ask for any kind of help you need.

Periodical Free Software Events

To learn about periodical Free Software events visit this page.

Adding Events

If you would like to announce your FSFE event, please use the event registration tool. Your event will then be announced on and this Wiki.

Use this form to set up an event page in Events/2019/ for manual addition to the wiki.

Recent changes in the event format

If you have been setting up events in the past, please mind some slight changes in the format.

If you feel unsure, use the above form for starting an event page.

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