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<<EventAggregator(CategoryFellowshipEvents,mode=list)>> <<EventAggregator(CategoryFellowshipEvents,mode=list,start=2009-01)>>

This is a test for the possible implementation of the Fellowship Events page, using the http://moinmo.in/MacroMarket/EventAggregator plugin.

To add an event, a page for it must be created. You can do it entering the name of the page in the box below:

See HelpOnEventAggregator for instructions on how to fill the required fields and further details about the event management system.

Below you can find some views for current events in the CategoryFellowshipEvents category and you can download the corresponding iCalendar file and RSS 2.0 feed.

Calendar view for this month and next month


List view for all current events


List view for all past events

These events have been automatically migrated from the OldPortal; there may be some imperfections in the page (because original content was in HTML format and all HTML tags except <a> were stripped before importing in the wiki).


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