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## page was renamed from FellowshipGroup/Vienna/distributed_meeting

First distributed Fellowship meeting in Vienna and Dornbirn

On 14 August 2007, for the first time a Fellowship meeting took place at two locations simultanously. The net.culture.labs in Vienna and Dornbirn hosted this distributed meeting, and both places were connected with live videoconferencing over a broadband line sponsored by Telekom Austria.

Here are some pictures taken by Sacha Schlegel from the Dornbirn side:

Picture Dornbirn 1

Picture Dornbirn 2

PB took some pictures on the Vienna side:

Picture Vienna 1

Picture Vienna 2

Picture Vienna 3

Picture Vienna 4

Picture Vienna 5

Picture Vienna 6

Picture Vienna 7

Picture Vienna 8

Picture Vienna 9

- originally written by reinhard <reinhard AT fsfe DOT org> on Monday, 03 September 2007

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