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You can make a subpage to this page, following the event template. Normally you will do this by copying an existing event page. By default, only people who can edit this publishing page, will be able to modify an event included that way (but you can use ACLs to add editors).

By reference

you can use the <<Include>> macro to reference another event page. This enables other Wiki users to add information to the published event, which can be advantageous for rapidly changing events, but leaves less control to moderators.

Although technically possible, you should not include events by directly writing an announcement to this page. This would produce unnecessary cruft.

Inclusion of Event pages


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Events from subpages

Don't modify. Just add new pages to the wiki.

RMS gives a talk about Free Software at Wikimedia Deutschland, Germany

2017-02-10 18:00
Wikimedia Deutschland · Tempelhofer Ufer 23 – 24 · Raum Mosaik
Demokratie braucht den Schutz der Privatsphäre und Privatsphäre braucht den Schutz vor digitaler Überwachung. Freie Software kann einige Pfade der Überwachung verschließen, aber es braucht gesetzliche Maßnahmen, um Überwachung grundsätzlich zu blockieren. Richard Stallman wird darüber referieren.

Link: Poster of the event: People attending: Erik Albers, Erik Grun, Tomas Tux, Tunda


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