Libre Software and the FSFE Community Meeting

In 2018, for the first time, FSFE will cooperate with the Libre Software Meeting (aka Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre / RMLL):

To this end, the FSFE will set up a FSFE track during the weekend of July 7 and 8 as well as a FSFE assembly. Our track will cover topics in the interplay of technology and society and the assembly will be a place to meet and share experiences for all participants and our own community.

We will also use the occasion to run our annual community meeting at the same event.

Libre Software Meeting (LSM) is probably the biggest community-organised Free Software event in France happening annually in July and rotating venues around different cities in France. In 2018, the LSM takes place from July 7-12 in Strasbourg.

Join our track at the Libre Software Meeting

The FSFE will be part of the LSM2018 with an own track. The FSFE track will be happening on the weekend of July 7+8 at the LSM venue (see below). Although we are still working on the details, for your motivation please find a preliminary draft hereafter:

Join community meeting and the FSFE Assembly

As the LSM is a big community-driven event by itself, our cooperation with hackstub offers an exciting environment for our annual FSFE community meeting. This way we can meet up as well as connect with the broader and international Free Software community.

Like you might know the concept from other events like the Chaos Communication Congress or Sha-Camp, the FSFE will have a so called assembly at the LSM 2018. An assembly is a place for the FSFE community and friends to come together, to share knowledge, to make friends, organise the next activity and so on - or to simply hang out. Of course we will also bring the latest news, merch, promotion material and gossip ; )

We will have our own room for the assembly and we can use it the whole time for spontaneous or planned events.

On Monday, July 9, we also like to offer a full day agenda for our community meeting to bond ties and prepare for the next months. More details of this meeting will come in the next weeks.

The actual content of the meeting is still to be defined and also open for your input. For sure we will have a part in that we do workshops on request in an open space session like at the last community meeting. If there is interest we are also happy to offer another tool session, so you get to know all the tools that the community of fsfe can use. We are also planning a Ask us anything session in that staffers from FSFE including the president can be asked anything you are interested in and that they are working on right now. Also we are planning a reflecting session in that you, the community, can reflect what is going good, what could be improved.

Generally, if you like to present something, please get in touch with Erik.

Finally, there will also be some talks about current and ongoing topics. Hereafter, you can read about already accepted presentations:

The venue

location The LSM is happening on the Campus of the University of Strasbourg. You can see the three buildings that will be used in the map on the right side marked with a blue circle.

On the bottom you see the location of the so-called "village", where are the booths of different organisations (including the FSFE) located during the weekend of July 7+8.


There are several options. Be quick because Strasbourg is usually crowded over the weekends and hotels book out very fast. We have a special community offer inside students housing and other low and mid-budget locations listed here.

special community offer

due to our cooperation with hackstub (the organisers of LSM2018) we have a special offer with access to students housing. The apartments are a bit away from the venue as well as from the city center but it is 20 minutes by tram or 45 minutes to walk and the price is unbeatable.

 Offer: 9m² single room with own bathroom and a fridge as well as a common kitchen
 Price: 105 euro the whole week from July 6 to 12, 2018
 Accessibility: Tram ride to the venue / the city center around ~20 minutes. Walking distance ~ 45 minutes.

this offer is for all FSFE community - no matter if you give a talk or not!

Please note that although the price is for the whole week you can also book it if you stay, for example, the weekend only.

Attention: If you like to use this special offer please inform Erik latest until May 28 (!) or put your name in the list at the bottom of this page. After that the rooms will be distributed to other participants.

Registrations so far for the special community offer

Low budget

Mid budget

Also the RMLL-pages have a list of recommended hotels:


Strasbourg has an extensive network of trams, with additional buss lines, operated by CTS (Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois). During the day trams typically go every 6 minutes. The venue is easily reachable with the tram network. You can buy tickets in the tram but you'll save money if you use a Badgeo Card. You can buy a Badgeo card in Strasbourg but if you'll save time if you buy one online. If you buy a Badgeo card online make sure to choose the French language on the CTS website, as that is the only working option to buy one at this moment (2018-05-21). More information:

Code of Conduct

Although the final words still need to be written, the event of RMLL / LSM comes with a Code of Conduct that is very similar to our own Code of Conduct. Inside the FSFE assembly and during our community meeting, of course, our own Code of Conduct is adhered.

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