SFScon and the FSFE Community Meeting

In 2019, the FSFE will cooperate with the Free Software Conference in Bolzano, Italy: taking place between November 15th and 17th.

The SFScon will host an FSFE track during that weekend, as well as an FSFE assembly. Our track will cover topics on the interplay of technology and society, and the assembly will be a place to meet and share experiences for all participants and our own community.

We will also use the occasion to run our Annual Community Meeting at the same event.

The South Tyrol Free Software Conference (SFScon) is one of Europe’s most established conferences on Free Software happening annually in November in Bolzano, Italy, with multiple tracks running in parallel. Registration is required and it is free of charge.

This year, the FSFE community experts will help shape the topics by presenting talks and keynotes on various matters:

Join our track at the SFScon

The FSFE will be part of the SFScon2019 with its own track. The FSFE track will start in the morning of November 16th at the SFScon venue (see below), followed by a Community hike on Sunday, November 17th. Until the final agenda is visible on the SFScon-homepage, please find a preliminary draft of our track and the Community meeting sessions:

Saturday morning, November 16th

Saturday afternoon, November 16th

Sunday November 17th

Community Hike - Hiking and exploring the Bolzano area together

The venue




There are many options, but do make your arrangements quickly as Bolzano is usually crowded during the SFScon and hotels, guest houses and rooms get booked out very quickly.


Bolzano is reachable by multiple types of transport. It is a well connected place that even has its own airport. The most budget friendly flight would however be via Innsbruck, Verona, or Venice, where you could change to a convenient train connection. Another financially sparing way would be to travel entirely by train from your location, by bus or with a car. For more information on how Bolzano can be reached, we advise you to visit the following helpful page of the region, where they give useful tips and tricks:

Code of Conduct

Although the SFScon does not have its own Code of Conduct, the FSFE Community meeting will be governed by the FSFE's Code of Conduct. This means that inside the FSFE track and during our community activities, the FSFE's Code of Conduct should be adhered to.

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