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Jabber Fellowship Meeting WHO: Hugo Roy, Julia Klein, Torsten Grothe, Matthias Kirschner, all Fellows interested WHERE:, room "fellowship" After much rumour and mystery mongering around the secretive negotiations about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) the first draft of the document was released to the public on 20th April. It did not take long to become clear this agreement poses a threat to Free Software. But why is this so? Actually Free Software has nothing to do neither with copyright infringements or nor fake pharmaceuticals. So what is the problems about ACTA and what can be done now? Everybody who would like to ask her questions about ACTA or FSFE's position on this issue is invited to our next Jabber Meeting. The meeting is going to take place in our fellowship chat room on Wednesday, 2nd June at 20:00cet. We are looking forward to your questions and discussion. If you like to get up to date in advance of our meeting you can take a look at Hugo Roy's first analysis of the public ACTA draft here. []

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