Attendees of the FSFE community meeting 2017

This is a list of attendees of the FSFE community meeting 2017. There are 32 seats available on a first-come first-serve basis. Please fill in your name and contact details line by line. If you feel uncomfortable to leave your contact information here in the wiki, you can also just leave your name/pseudonym and write a mail to Erik and let him know how to contact you.

  1. Example Person (exampleperson@mailservice.internet), comment: would like to share a room

  2. Bernhard W. (muc)
  3. Nick Lakasas
  4. Florian Snow

  5. Thomas Doczkal

  6. Simon Wächter

  7. Daniel Pocock (?)
  8. Heiki Repentinus (?)
  9. Johannes Zarl-Zierl

  10. Susanne Eiswirt
  11. André Ockers

  12. Mirko Böhm
  13. Cryptie(?)
  14. Alessandro Rubini (hopefully)

Organisers / Staff

  1. Erik Albers
  2. Polina Malaja
  3. Max Mehl
  4. Matthias Kirschner
  5. Jonas Öberg (?)