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General guidance

The location is Endocode, Brückenstr. 5A, 10179 Berlin, Germany.

The closest public transport stop is "S+U Jannowitzbrücke" On this transportation stop the S-Bahn and the U8 are crossing each other.

We have picked some hotel recommendations for you below in different price ranges. If you look for a hotel/flat for yourself, you can either look for a hotel next to the venue so you can walk there or you pick one close to one of the transportation stops of the U8 or the S-Bahn. As long as you stay inside "the ring", this should allow you to come to the venue below half an hour.

We marked in this map the most proper stations for you to look out in case you. Or you orientate on the recommendations below:


  • the red arrow shows you the closes station to the venue
  • the green background shows you the recommended stations to look out for a place to stay and still have easy access to the venue
  • We also have one place to couchsruf. Please ask Erik about it, if you are interested in it.

You can see berlin's full public transport map here

And you can calculate every route from door to door on the BVG homepage, the public transport company in Berlin.

some hotels

Because Berlin is be a touristy place, you run the risk of hotels being fully booked if you do not reserve in time, so we advise you to reserve a room as early as possible.

A&O Berlin Mitte Hostel (10 minutes walk) Köpenicker Str. 127-129, 10179 Berlin €15/night https://www.aohostels.com/nl/berlijn/berlin-mitte/

One 80 Hostels Rosenstrasse 16 0178 Berlin €25-30 /night http://one80hostels.com/#!/rooms

EastSeven Berlin Hostel Schwedter Straße 7, Pankow, Berlin https://www.eastseven.de/en/welcome.php €64 /night

Hotel B&B B&B Hotel Berlin-Potsdamer Platz Potsdamer Straße 90 10785 Berlin €79/night https://www.hotelbb.de/en/berlin-potsdamer-platz

Catalonia Berlin Mitte (3 minutes walk) Köpenicker Str. 80-82, 10179 Berlin €79/night http://www.cataloniaberlinmitte.com

The Dude Berlin (4 minutes walk) Köpenicker Strasse 92, 10179 Berlin €89/night https://www.thedudeberlin.com/en/


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