FSFE community meeting 2017

Most Important Meta Info

About the community meeting

The community meeting shall become the once-in-a-year opportunity for all people engaged inside FSFE to come together, share knowledge, grow projects, hack, discuss and get active. It is the extension of the formerly known coordinators-meeting and shall facilitate two kinds of meetings: the already mentioned meeting for everyone active in the FSFE community as well as small-group-meetings of dedicated working groups inside the FSFE community.

Participants of the European Coordinators Meeting 2015 in Unperfekthaus

Participation and participants

We have physical limitations as well as financial limitations, that will only allow us to invite 30 people to this year's community meeting. Despite these limitations, we like the community meeting to be as open as possible while we keep productivity at the same time.

Every member of any team of the FSFE is invited to participate. Defined as a team for this purpose is every arrangement of people who work together beyond local ties. For example this means that all coordinators are invited (they work together beyond local ties on coordinators@) but we cannot invite every local team member. We understand the following groups as teams for the community meeting:

In addition, Everybody invited can be the invitation-buddy for one more person who is not invited by default. This shall ensure that people can participate who for example are very active or have a high standing in their local group but we simply do not know about them.

ATTENTION: We have no social order or hierarchy. instead, we will give space on a first-come first-serve basis. Please use the attendees-wiki-page to announce your coming and to make sure to get your place.

Logistics and accommodation


The Unperfekthaus offers a full-day catering including breakfast + lunch + afternoon snacks as well as coffee, lemonade and every non-alcoholic beverage throughout the day. In short: except dinners and your alcoholic drinks you do not have to pay for your catering.


After some quick phone calls it appears difficult to book rooms in a large group in and around Essen and in addition it does not even give us some savings. That is why we ask people to book on their own. Hereafter find some recommendations close to the Unperfekthaus:

Participants of the European Coordinators Meeting 2013 in e-Lok


The agenda is still in its initial phase. More details will follow over time. Still, there will most probably also happen some slight changes. However, the concepts will stay and it should help you to already get an idea of what to expect.


In the evening

Come together for dinner, socialize and prepare for the weekend. More details to come.


In the morning

In the afternoon

This will be a time for working groups to split up into their groups. This can be either existing working groups (the wiki-care-takers) or ad hoc groups (for example a PMPC action group). People can also join an existing group and get to know them and hopefully stay member of the group afterwards.

Although we encourage groups to work jointly on a project, we also welcome workshops and sharing-knowledge-sessiona. Here some inspiration what groups could be like:

In the evening

All groups will come together again and a special guest will give a short and interesting input-talk in the evening. After that we go for dinner, drinks, socializing and be happy about a productive day.


In the morning

In the morning the same groups as on Saturday afternoon. People are free to continue or change groups.

Around lunch

A final round of the whole group coming together:

After lunch

People can go home or keep on hacking in their groups until the evening.

Working groups at the European Coordinators Meeting 2013 in Unperfekthaus

About costs and grants


In general, the FSFE likes to invite its community for the community meeting and in this way give at least something back for the time and efforts you contribute throughout the year for FSFE. However, the Unperfekthaus and catering costs us 100 Euro for each participant. To not stress too much our yearly community budget we kindly ask every participant to help with the costs by paying 35 Euro for the rooms and two days of full catering.


As in previous editions we like to enable active people from our community to attend the community meeting despite they might have trouble in paying their travel. The FSFE can help you with paying half your travel costs. If you like to apply for this grant, please get in contact with Erik

Getting there and away

Essen is a medium-sized city in the "Ruhrpott", an agglomeration of medium-sized and big cities in the West of Germany. The international connection works best via the international airport of Düsseldorf. From there you can take the train to Essen. The Unperfekthaus is close to the train-station (15 min walk). Mored details and maps to come. Everybody coming with a train can directly book to Essen.

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