We do not encourage you to buy from any of the companies on this page. Please do not start using them only because you want to support FSFE. But if you are already buying from them, here is a description how you can do this while supporting our work.

Bookzilla / is a frontend made by the German based company for the Libri bookshop. You can order from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. If you are already buying online and use for this, you could switch to bookzilla. For each sold book on bookzilla 5% go to as a commission. Bookzilla donates 100% of the provision to us.


Please be aware of the controversies surrounding Amazon, especially regarding Amazon's position on software patents. Richard Stallman also keeps track of reasons why not to buy on amazon. Nevertheless we provide an extension for GNU Icecat, Iceweasel, and Firefox you may install directly, or by using your system's package management as described below. If this is installed, Amazon gives us around 5% provision for each sale. FSFE uses this money to work for Free Software,to oppose software patents in Europe, and Digital Restriction Management.

Amazon's terms of use clarify that we have to provide this exact wording on our website:

FSFE e.V. is a participant in the Amazon Europe S.à.r.l. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.(ca|com||de|fr)”.


There is a userscript available here (userscripts-mirror here). By using it, you take part in all of the aforementioned programs (you do not need the other plugin).

It works on most browsers(Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, Iceweasel tested):

Of course it's Free Software, for more information, see



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