1. Austria

National policy on public procurement of Free Software could not be found. Though in 2010 Austria announced its plan to create interoperable e-government systems based on Open Standards and Free Software.

In January 2017, the Austrian government published its Digital Roadmap, the result of a multi-stakeholder public consultation which lasted over two years. The road-map describes the current digitalisation status of the public sector and sets goals for the years to come, including the promotion of Free Software in public administrations. A position paper has been forecasted within the roadmap as a measure for outlining Austria's strategy for supporting Free Software. Moreover, the roadmap outlines the importance of the "authorities' enforcement of Open Source" (pg. 40) as a measure for improving Politics and Management.

Austria has installed and allowed the usage of Free Software within its National Library. This surge in the use of Free Software has synchronised with Webarchiv Österreich, an open source website archive platform for the Internet in Austria that was instantiated into law in 2009, run by the National Library.

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